About Alijah Villian

Alijah Villian is a viral image artist who has created projects such as Black Superheroes Reimagined and Knights of the NBA, accomplishing a feat that few artists have achieved, with over 7.5 million hits on all of his projects combined. His artwork has been featured on The Daily Dot, For Harriet, Moviepilot, Hollywood Reporter and more. Alijah Villian's art comes from a creative cultural perspective of always questioning the world's perception of popular ideas and culture. Alijah Villian's art challenges the normal man's way of thinking and turns it on its head.

Villian is the grand prize winner for the Mofilm film contest for a film project called Graham Bell in which he designed the 3d environment for the commercial.  He began his career in the arts after his Father gave him a Leica film camera, mixing his love for photos and his love for stories. His most popular art series are Van Hollin's Circus, Roaring Twenties, and The Bridge.  He currently located on a secret lake in Michigan where he is constantly creating new artwork.